Water-Ski Racing

A New Application in 2006

Lake Jindabyne - New South Wales
Ian Barry's 6 Litre Chevrolet Engined Water-ski Racer

Ever thought about using a shift light in a boat?  Well a shrewd Australian water-ski racer, Ian Barry, considered just that!  Whilst there was no requirement to change gear, it was vital to know the precise RPM of the propeller shaft as this was directly related to speed through the water and it was necessary to comply with strictly imposed speed limits.

Ian considered that by using our multi-stage programmable shift light system he would be able to monitor RPM extremely precisely simply by viewing the display of ultra-bright LEDs.  As a result he would be able to get as close as possible to the speed limit without exceeding it.

The challenge was made more difficult because the speed limits are set relative to land speed and not speed through the water.  As a result, on a flowing river, a higher RPM is required on an upstream section than on a downstream section in order to maintain a given speed.  We suggested that Ian would be able to configure different profiles for different RPMs and so would be able to quickly switch between the profiles when changing between upstream and downstream sections.

The following gives some feedback from Ian after his first few races using our shiftlight system which he has kindly allowed us to quote:-

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