What our Customers have to say!

Tolman M/sport

We used the SureShift 2 in the ARP Formula 3 Championship. It was very very good, so easy to install and configure. Ideal in this situation where the usable power band is very tight (approx 5000 - 6200 RPM) and if you floor it below this range the engine tends to detonate and may blow itself apart! The low RPM warning light was ideal protection against this.

The system is far more accurate than a tachometer, in fact we discarded the analogue tach and purely drove on the lights.

In addition, we found the different profiles feature was very useful for making quick changes to suit different track conditions. We also made good use of the Peak Max and SmartMax features for setting up the best gear ratios.

I have recommended its use on many other cars including other race series.